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Msafe Fit Extra Reach Scaffolding (MSER) (1.35m *1.80m)

Msafe fit extra reach version is a safe, modular mobile scaffold tower to reach extra height.


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Just like the name MSafe Fit Extra Reach Scaffolding suggests, this long reach scaffolding is specifically to design go that extra mile for you so that your team can climb every height or make it that it needs to in order to give your company that much desired boost.
Let us look at some of the coolest features of this scaffolding. You can with this extra aluminium scaffolding system get to the top most height at your construction site without having to worry about any life risks. Also, it’s easily convertible and can be installed without any hassle; that makes these long reach scaffolding so very much better than any other scaffolding that are available in the market right now.
You can not only purchase these scaffoldings on our site but also take them on rental services if you want. We understand the problem with the high price point of these construction but we make sure to smoothen every purchase journey of our customers as much as we can. Msafe is exactly what brings us to our smooth functioning extra reach scaffolding again; you can get your hands on these non-corrosive scaffoldings at the earliest from our store at a real reasonable rate.

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