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Steel Scaffolding


Vertical Standard Scaffolding

Available Sizes & Weights

Sizes Weights
3m (6 CUP) 13.2 kgs
2.5m (5 CUP) 11 kgs
2m (4 CUP) 9.5 kgs
1.5 m (3 CUP) 6.5 kgs
1m (2 CUP) 4.5 kgs
0.5m (1 CUP) 3 kgs

Available Sizes & Weights

Sizes Weights
1500 mm 5 kgs
1200 mm 4 kgs
1000 mm 3.5 kgs
915mm 3 kgs

Horizontal Ledger Scaffolding

Spigot Pins

Vertical Standard Scaffolding

Available Sizes & Weights

Made out of 300/250 mm long round tube. Spigots are used for connecting Cuplock Standards vertically. The Spigot can be used in both Ring Lock and Cup Lock Systems. Join Pin is made using finest quality of raw materials that are sourced from authentic suppliers. Primarily used for end to end connection during compression of the tubes. The offered joint pins are fitted with screw which facilitates appropriate gripping of the tube.

We are offering our clients Scaffolding Planks (Grating), which is a framework of parallel and crossed bars. These are also known as Challi / Jalli / Grating etc. Usually such Walkway are made of 25 x 25 / 20 x 20 M.S. Square pipes and 20 NB Round pipes of varied thickness, based on clients requirements.

Available Size : 2m x 450mm (16kgs)

Standard Gratings are available in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel. Panels are available self colour or with a galvanized coating to international standards. Standard gratings are typically available in 6m x 1m or 20′ x 3′ panels. They can be produced with almost any combination of pitch size. Most commonly this is 41mm x 100mm or 30mm x 100mm.

Walkway Planks / MS Chali

Base Plate & Jack

Adjustable Base Jack

The Adjustable Base is used with all scaffold systems and some for work systems.

The adjustable base is made of 4mm thick pipe, 38mm outer diameter with threading with rolling machine which has a nut restraint to ensure the stem always has a minimum engagement into the Standard of 150mm.

38mm hollow rod with base plate 150X150X6

32mm solid rod with base plate 150X150X6

Adjustable U-Head/Stirup Head

Adjustable U-Head/Stirup Head The Adjustable U-Head is used with scaffold systems & form work systems. It has a hollow stem of 38mm nominal diameter which has a nut restraint to ensure the stem always has a minimum engagement into the Standard of 150mm.

The U-Head is capable of accepting twin 100mm wide bearers.

U Jack


Tie Rod

Tie Rod with wing nut and anchor plate. Tie rod available in 10/12 mm, 15/17mm, 20/22mm.Wing nut weight is 0.28 Kgs.Anchor nut weight is 0.66 kgs

Single Coupler (Putlog)

. Designed for safe positive securement of scaffold tube between opposing surfaces. Weight (Kg) 0.65kg, Plated or Powder Coated. These fit in all standard grease guns and can be used as a general purpose coupler.

Minimum Slip Load – 1.20kN, Zinc finish.


Wing Nut

Tie Rod

Wing nuts feature internal threading, so they can run up and down the bolts with which they are used. The main benefit of wing nuts, however, is their ease of installation and removal. Weight : 0.280 Gm

Horizontal Ledger Scaffolding

. Designed for safe positive securement of scaffold tube between opposing surfaces. Weight (Kg) 1.02kg, Minimum Slip Load – 15.0kN, Minimum Distortion Load – 30.0kN, Zinc finish Plated, Gold Passivated or Powder Coated.

Minimum Slip Load – 1.20kN, Zinc finish.

Double Coupler (Fixed)

Swivel Coupler

Tie Rod

Swivel Couplers provide the same tough, positive grip as double couplers but enable two scaffold tubes to be connected together at any angle. Designed for maximum safety in load bearing situations, they are used especially for cross-bracing.

Weight (Kg) 1.20kg, Minimum Slip Load – 8.5kN, Minimum Distortion Load – 17.0kN, Finish – Zinc Plated, Gold Passivated or Powder Coated.Clamps also available

Horizontal Ledger Scaffolding

Anchor nuts provide a permanent nut element on the inside of the joint so that a skin, access panel, fairing, or other member can be attached with a screw.

Anchor Nut

Adjustable Steel Prop

Adjustable Steel Props are also provided with bolting and nail holes on the base and head plates. The outer prop has OD – 60 mm , the inner has OD 48.3 mm. Prop inner are required to be braced in both directions by tubes S fittings when used for height beyond 3.6 m.

Available Sizes & Weights

Sizes Weights
2 + 2 m 17.5 kgs
2 + 3 m 20.5 kgs
2 + 3 m 20 kgs

Horizontal Ledger Scaffolding

In order to meet the diverse requirements of clients, we are offering a qualitative array of adjustable Inner Steel Prop. Our offered product is extensively used in civil and construction projects and precisely fabricated using premium quality raw material: steel and sophisticated technology under the guidance of skilled professional.

Inner Steel Prop

Outer Steelp Prop

Outer Steel Prop that is precisely designed with extra care, in compliance with the set industry quality standards and which are capable of bearing bidirectional force applied on them. The offered product is manufactured using high quality raw material which we procure from some of the reliable and certified vendors of the market.

Horizontal Ledger Scaffolding

Indian Standard Medium Channel (ISMC) are used to hold the building in construction. ISMC channels are made sturdy and heavy to uplift the construction site so that it won’t collapse. The company manufactures apex quality of channels in the industry. Our channels are exclusively designed to endure adverse weather conditions as well as heavy load.

Height in feets Weight in kg
8 18.4 kg
9 20.7 kg
10 23 kg
20 52 kg

ISMC Channels