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Msafe Fit Without Stairway Scaffolding (MWS) (1.35 m *1.80 m)

We have come up with the most carefully crafted without stairway aluminium scaffolding that help you ensure safety of your team and that too coupled with fully functional gears.


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Scaffolding with a stairway is surely one of the most preferred gears by the construction gear heads. But the MSafe Without Stairway Scaffolding is one of the most popular picks of our site because of a hundred reasons that we are going to help you with now. Single width scaffold without stair can be more convenient for many such intense construction works that we laymen cannot tell at times. But there’s something that we can obviously promise you and that is the convenience that the without stairway scaffolding brings along with itself.
This particular type of single width scaffold without stair is really easy to install and move around the area you are working in, which makes the whole job ten times easier. The non-corrosive and non-ferrous characteristic of aluminium makes these products all the more durable and sturdy that can carry a lot of weight at the very same time. That is exactly what makes every scaffold without stair that we make absolutely convenient and multi-purpose that you can use both in your backyard and also at any high-end construction site.
A wide range of products are available under the category of aluminum scaffoldings by Msafe. Visit to see complete range of Msafe fit scaffoldings.

Model No

MWS032, MWS042, MWS052, MWS062, MWS072, MWS082, MWS092, MWS102, MWS112, MWS124, MWS134, MWS144, MWS154

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