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Msafe Fit Narrow Scaffolding (MN) (0.75 m *1.80 m)

Single-width scaffolding tower fits a single platform per level and is apt for accessing heights where area is inhibited. It is used in installation works, maintenance and construction work etc. It requires lower erection time and cost & labour while it also saves energy & boosts production.


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Narrow scaffoldings towers are the new coolest equipment in the town for high-end construction works. The narrow aluminium mobile scaffold tower is famous for its lower erection time and ofcourse its power of reducing cost and labour. MSafe Fit Narrow Scaffolding is especially built to help your team reach new heights and also build them in the literal sense of the term. When you look for a narrow scaffold tower for sale, you need to keep in mind to check their loading capacity.
Narrow scaffolding rental services are also available here in our store alongwith maintenance and manufacturing services.
Narrow single width aluminium scaffolding are mostly best suited for a one-man army in your construction site for any intense work that needs you to bear a lot of weight. But, the fun part is that the aluminium scaffold itself doesn’t have a lot of weight on itself and that is what makes it all the more convenient to carry around any construction site.
Narrow mobile aluminium scaffold tower is one of the specialities of MSafe and that is why invite you to check out our wide range of varieties of available narrow scaffold tower for sale that you purchase or take on rent to solve your purposes accordingly. We promise you quality with fool proof protection.

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MN022, MN026, MN028, MN032, MN042, MN052, MN062, MN072, MN082, MN092, MN102, MN112, MN122

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