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aluminium scaffolding for working at heights

Aluminium Scaffolding for Working at Heights- Do’s And Don’ts Leave a comment

Did you know injuries from working at heights are one of the most prominent causes of major work-related injuries and fatalities?

Falls from ladders, scaffolding, and lifts can cause serious injury, even when the height is not considered dangerous. Therefore, employers must take all measures necessary to lower the risk of their workers falling from a height, by preemptive hazard recognition and constant site assessment while using aluminium scaffolding for working at heights.

Although falls may seem like a minor hazard, they can be pretty dangerous. Hence, ensuring safety from falls is crucial while working from heights.

Did you know that falls from heights contribute to 34% of fatal accidents in Singapore?

Of these, 51% of accidents occur in the construction industry. In 2016, 31 workers a day suffered from severe injuries due to falls. Nine resulted in fatalities, while 70% were same-level falls (ground level).

To prevent falls, workers should use the right equipment and safety procedures to ensure their personal workspace is safe for themselves and others around the site. They should also remember to secure all items when at height, as falling tools are as significant a hazard as falling people!

Finally, workers should follow all guidelines their employer and the Government set.

Aluminium Scaffolding for Working at Heights: Do’s

• Work on the ground as much as possible and use aluminium scaffolding when required for heights.
• Make sure employees can safely move to and from the area they are working while on aluminium scaffold.
• Use strong and stable aluminium scaffolding that will get the job done. Inspect and maintain it regularly.
• Be careful when working near a fragile surface.
• Protect yourself from falling objects while the work is done using aluminium scaffolding.
• Prepare for emergency evacuations and rescues.

Aluminium Scaffolding for Working at Heights: Don’ts

• Do not overload the aluminium scaffold tower with equipment or materials while they are being worked on.
• Do not try to reach too far on a aluminium scaffolding or stepladder.
• Don’t ignore the user manual, as it may provide useful information about how to use the aluminium scaffold properly.
• Refrain from allowing incompetent workers to work at heights.
• The aluminium scaffold should not be leaned on or placed on fragile surfaces.
• If you feel someone is compromising their safety or the safety of others, do not stay quiet.

As an experienced and established organisation in the industry, the MSafe Group looks forward to discussing how scaffolding can help with your company’s safety requirements and the things you should keep in mind while using aluminium scaffolding for working at heights.

Contact us today for more information about working at heights distance, working at height rules, fall protection for industrial establishments, slips, trips and falls, and more!

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