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Steel vs Aluminium Scaffolding

Steel Vs Aluminium Scaffolding: Putting an end to this forever debate Leave a comment

Some debates are never-ending. Steel Vs Aluminium scaffolding is one of those. Half the world is still confused about which one to pick for their high-end construction work. And today we are here to help you with your confusion once and for all.
MSafe ensures and believes in giving safety to the workers at site and in order to do that you must have the best gear and we are here to give you full guidance in this domain.

In today’s world, all builders prefer scaffoldings over ladders because of its safety. And we are here to help you pick the right scaffolding for your construction sites. Scaffolding can come in different materials like aluminium, bamboo, synthetic material and steel. Steel Vs Aluminum scaffolding is a very lively debate till date and that is why before taking the final call, we need to take a call at these pointers.

Aluminium scaffolding advantages:

There are a number of reasons behind people choosing aluminium scaffolding over steel scaffolding. The fight of steel vs aluminium scaffolding can end once and for all if you give these benefits a read.
• Aluminium scaffoldings are much light-weight and easily portable.
• It is also really convenient and hassle-free to set-up aluminium scaffoldings.
• Aluminum scaffolding makes use of cold expansion and internal expansion method making it greatly durable. It has great pull-off strength.
• The reason is that the entire structure can be set up like building blocks. This eliminates the need to use tools and apparatus to set it up.


• What are the disadvantages of metal scaffolding?
Steel scaffolding can get a bit heavy due to its density. That’s why installing steel scaffolding can get a bit difficult at times.
• Why is aluminium used for scaffolding?
Aluminium is wear and tear proof because it has more deterrence from humidity, tough weather and corrosion. That is why aluminium scaffolding is much preferred by high-end construction sites.

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