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Types of Aluminium Scaffolding

What are the Types of Aluminum Scaffolding in Construction 1

Aluminium scaffold towers are a must-have for every construction site. Thanks to their versatility, ease of use, and assured safety, it helps to boost the pace of the construction work. To know exactly which scaffold tower your construction site needs, you must know how many scaffolding types are available. Msafe group manufactures some of the highly-modernized aluminium scaffolding h frame towers that are not only easy to use but also safe to work with. Learn more about the advantages of aluminium scaffolding here:

Aluminium Scaffolds are hands down the safest and most adaptable multipurpose scaffolding system in the construction industry. It helps not only for construction purposes but for quick-fix and repairs whenever required. Here are some of the many benefits:

● Easy to maneuver, erect, and dismantle with lesser labor power boosts efficiency
● Provide brilliant rigidity
● They are light in weight but have a high load-carrying capacity
● They have stood the test of time and the design has proven labor safety
● Because these scaffoldings are made of aluminium, they have non-corrosive properties and are therefore resistant to rust or damage.

Aluminium scaffolding towers are used for access scaffolding and formwork staging for high slabs, bridge girders, and other heavy structures.

How many Aluminium Scaffolding types are available?

While the market for construction gears has several types of scaffold designs and types, Msafe group website boasts of the very best of the lot. These are the types of Aluminium scaffolding products available on the website:

1. Stairway Scaffolding:

Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding


They guarantee safety for workers, thanks to the staircase system. That is why they are often more preferred to ladder scaffolds when working at a height. Also because they are mobile and convenient to maneuver, they assure high load-bearing capacity and security to the laborers.

2. Narrow Scaffold Towers:

Narrow Aluminium Scaffolding
Setting up scaffold towers in small and constrained spaces used to be a tough job. But not anymore! All thanks to the Msafe Fit narrow aluminium scaffold towers. These single-width towers can fit a single platform on each level and therefore can aid construction work at a height even where there is a space crunch. They are very advantageous for saving the erection and dismantling time, therefore saving labor and cost, and boosting productivity.

3. Narrow Cantilever Towers:

Narrow Cantilever Aluminium Scaffolding

This type of aluminium scaffold tower helps in areas that do not have level ground and have obstacles. It can be so in the case of glazed roofs, sloping roofs, or if the surface is weak. This form of scaffolding help overcome these circumstances that prevent the proper erection of scaffold towers and therefore reduce the damage that might be caused to the cantilevered surface.

4. Aluminium Bridge Scaffolding:

Bridge Aluminium Scaffolding
When your repair or maintenance work is spread over an area, bridge scaffolds offer great help. You do not need to dismantle and re-erect it several times, this type of aluminum scaffold platform will allow you to work over a spread area.

5. Extra Reach Scaffolding:

Extra Reach Aluminium Scaffolding
These scaffold towers are usually higher than conventional scaffolds, and therefore they provide a better reach to the laborers. They come with frame rungs for easy climbing, and handrails on all sides to ensure safety. All scaffold towers also come with wheels for better portability and storage in the warehouses.

6. Z-type Stairway Scaffolding:

Z Type Aluminium Scaffolding

Z type stairway scaffolding system makes your construction work faster, more efficient and labor-saving. Aided with guardrails and a working stair system, they allow you to work at different elevations as well. Available in two different type of frames with rung spacing 280mm and 560mm as per load requirement and budget.

7. Without Stairway Scaffolding:

Without stair Aluminium Scaffolding

This type of single width scaffold without stair is really easy to install and move around the area you are working in, which makes the whole job easier. The non-corrosive and non-ferrous characteristic of aluminium makes these products all the more durable and sturdy that can carry a lot of weight at the very same time.  Working height can be extended from 4.4m to max 16.4m with standard parts. Comfortable entry into the scaffolding from outside through the wide entry trame. 200kg/m loading capacity on platform.

Why Choose MSafe to Buy/Rent Aluminium Scaffoldings:

• Highest level of safety with each service provided
• Fully reliable and well maintained equipment
• 25+ year experience
• In-house CAD designer & customization available as per project need
• Expert advice on product selection
• PAN India presence with minimal delivery time
• Competitive prices & low transportation cost
• TUV tested and EN1004 certified

Do check out our product that provide a one-stop solution for your construction needs. You will get not only high-quality products, but our best-in-class repair and maintenance services are excellent as well.

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  1. I found it helpful when you told us that construction workers often prefer ladder scaffolds when working at a height since they’re mobile and convenient while also guaranteeing the safety of the laborers. I’m getting my house remodeled next month, and since we have two floors, I need to get mobile scaffolding for my workers to use. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a company to call for my mobile scaffolding soon.

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